Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference

Friday April 28

Block 1 – Spotlight: Stephen King 9:00 AM
Joanna Parypinski No Laughing Matter: Creepy Clowns as Modern Folk Devils
Rahel Schmitz Mapping Digital Dis-Ease: Representations of Movement and Technology in Stephen King’s Celland Jim Sonzero’s Pulse Film
82 Karen Bovenmyer Shirley Jackson and the Fear of Ordinary People

Block 2 – Horror and the Senses 10:30 AM
Eric Guignard Sense Impressions and the Literary Techniques Used to Evoke Them
Melissa Kaufler Lana Del Rey: Gothic Princess of Hauntography
85 Janet Holden We’re All Alone Out Here: Isolation and its Contribution to Space Horror in Film

Lunch 12:00 PM

Block 3 – Monsters, Part I: The Literary Monster 1:00 PM
Elizabeth Bobbitt The Mist of Death is On Me: The Horror of Ann Radcliffe’s Unexplained Supernatural in Gaston de Blondeville
Audrey Fessler The Shifting Locus of Horror in Stoker’s “The Squaw”
Nicholas Diak Perfection is a Process: Intertextuality between Herbert West-Reanimator and Dynamite Comics’Re-Animator series
Rocky Colavito Et Up and Spit Out: Socio-politics, Literary Traditions, and World War Z (the book, not the movie!)

Block 4 – Monsters, Part II: Classic to Modern Monsters 2:30 PM
Anthony Gambol Monsters
Kent Pettit Medieval and Modern Godfathers of Ghouls: William of Newburgh and George A. Romero as Subversive Sages for Turbulent Times Film
Michele Brittany Unwrapping the Linens: Defining the Cinematic Mummy and Its Role in Popular Culture Film

Block 5 – Disenfranchised Representations of Horror 4:00 PM
Erika Rothberg Norman Can’t Leave the Nest: Freudian Theory and the Uncanny Use of Taxidermied Birds in Psycho
Jamil Mustafa Neo-Victorian Representations of Masculinity in Crimson Peak and Penny Dreadful Film

Kevin Wetmore “We’ve Got to Get into / out of This Bunker!”: Paranoia, Politics and the Inside/Outside Dialectic of Post-Millennial Horror

Organizing Co-Chairs

Nicholas Diak  & Michele Brittany


The Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference is part of the Horror Writers Association’s Outreach Program. Membership to the Horror Writers Association is not required to submit or present, however registration to StokerCon 2017 is required to present. StokerCon registration can be obtained by going to If interested in applying to the Horror Writer’s Association as an academic member, please see


StokerCon is the annual convention hosted by the Horror Writers Association wherein the Bram Stoker Awards (R) for superior achievement in horror writing are awarded.