Selling Books at StokerCon





Mysterious Galaxy is the main bookseller for StokerCon. Contact

::::IMPORTANT::::Unless you have or are working with someone with a table in the dealers room you’ll need to sell books through Mysterious Galaxy. To sell books you need to have a CA temporary seller’s permit with the QM listed for the address:::IMPORTANT::::

For authors who would like to sell books:

Provide Mysterious Galaxy with the name you publish under, the title of the book(s) you would like them to sell at Stoker Con, and the ISBN of the book(s).

DEADLINE for providing this information is March 24th

If your book(s) is available at standard trade terms and discounts, and published by a major publisher or one of their imprints, eg. Penguin Random House (Del Rey, Ballantine, etc.), Simon and Schuster(Gallery), Macmillan (Tor, Forge, Minotaur), Harper or Hachette, we will order the books directly from the publisher and have them available to sell at our booth.

If your book is published by a small press, we may be able to order your book(s) directly from your publisher, or one of our distributors, but we will likely ask you to provide us with copies to sell on consignment*.

If your book is self-published, we will still be happy to sell your books on consignment*, but you will need to pick up any unsold copies by the end of the event.

*Our standard consignment agreement is a 60/40 split, with the author receiving 60% of the cover price of the book. It is the author’s responsibility to pick up all unsold books at the end of the event. Books that are not picked up will be shipped back to the author, at the author’s request, with the author responsible for paying return shipping. If you would like us to sell your books on consignment, please also provide your name, phone number, email address, and shipping address. Please bring your consignment books directly to the Mysterious Galaxy booth at Stoker Con.